5 for 50.

 5 for 50.
Here is how it works.
These are five items that I have selected to be 50% off   {only for this week}

For the above ruffle tank click here 

For the above oxy ruffle click here

For the above blanket tube click here

For the above Swing Top click here

For the above Hawaiian Lace bell sleeve click here

I will do a 5 for 50 once a week.... so be sure to check the blog!
Discount Code is: 5for50.
These 5 are only on sale this week, next week there will be a new five.

Friends have asked me, don't you lose $ doing those crazy sales?
Truth be told, I do...because at 50% off, its practically cost.
However, the sooner we move older merchandise, we make room for new stuff, which is just good business if you ask me. I like to keep things fresh and not stagnant.... plus I love happy everyone is when they get a bargain.

Make sure to only close out on the items pictured above, or your purchase will be cancelled.
If you want to combine shipping with a regular price item, buy them separately and I will refund you the additional shipping costs.

Hope you enjoy our new 5for50 sale! 

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  1. I simply love these photos, the looks are so brillinat! I am not seeing myself into them everyday(maybe too crazy for Paris), but they can spice a holiday look!