Win a FREE PPP Bundle Contest.

Winner takes all: > $50 PPP Bucks that can be used on anything in the store { custom, sale item or already made item }, 50% off coupon towards anything in the shop + one free custom item, your pick.

Here is how to win!

1. Be a follower on our blog >>>>> click "join this site" to the right. >>>

2. Be a fan on our facebook fan page, and write a comment on our page telling us your favorite item right now in our shop!  { }

3. Follow Poor Pitiful Pearl on Instagram.

4. Share this contest link on your social media of choice { fb, twitter,blog or instagram }

5. Buy something from our shop today. >

Please be sure to comment below to tell us which things you did, so you can get can get entered multiple times for each above thing you do! Don't forget your name! 

Winner will be announced on this blog , Tue 9th.

XO, Shauna


  1. I'm a blog follower, a FB liker (I commented)an Instagram follower, and an all-around fan! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Hi Shauna. I am one of your blog followers, facebook liker, I left a post telling you my favorite current offering (The striped bloomers!!!)AND I shared your contest on my facebook page. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!! Gail Webber

  3. Hi, Thank you for this AWESOME giveaway!!!

    1. follow your blog CHECK
    2. FB Fan & Comment CHECK
    3. Follow you on Instagram CHECK
    4. Share this contest CHECK

    April Harrison

  4. Ahhh! This is so stinking exciting!

    I am a blog follower!
    I have liked the page on Facebook and left a comment!
    I follow PPP on Instagram!
    ANNNNNND I shared the contest on Facebook!

    -Julia Sawers

  5. Hey, what a great idea :) I did 1,2&4. Thanks!

    Brenda MacGillis

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  7. Yay!

    Ive done all of the following:

    1. follow your blog CHECK
    2. FB Fan & Comment CHECK
    3. Follow you on Instagram CHECK
    4. Share this contest CHECK
    5. Ordered something off Esty CHECK


    Cant wait to get my new shirt!

    Kyla Burge (Currie)

  8. Liked you on Facebook and left a comment. Those stripey bloomers really do look so comfy!

  9. Following blog, shared on Facebook,
    following PPP, shared Favorite with comment, shared contest!

  10. Eeeek! So exciting!

    Following via bloglovin'
    Following via facebook
    I shared on Facebook
    I shared on twitter
    My favorite item right now is the new Angel sleeve tubes, so cute!
    Following on Instagram

  11. Just shared it on todays blog post!

  12. This is great!

    Following the blog.
    Following on instagram.
    Like you on Facebook (and commented about the a.m. pants and 'only magic I believe in is love' shirt)


  13. Crossing my fingers! :)
    1. Follow your blog
    2. Fan of FB page and commented
    3. Follow PPP on Instagram
    4. Shared on my FB page
    ~Laura Davis

  14. This is so, so exciting! Eeeek!

    1. Follow blog {check}
    2. Fan on Facebook + comments on my bloomers {check}
    3. Following PPP on instagram {check}
    4. Purchased some fabulous PPP bloomers {check}
    5. Share on Facebook {check}

    ~terra holcomb

  15. This giveaway makes me happy :)
    I follow your blog and facebook page (feel dumb statin that) ;) and I shared your giveaway on my page and a friend's. I told you my fave stuff in your shop right now on fb but I don't have an Instagram account so I can't follow you there. If I did I so would, though ;)

  16. 1. New follower to your blog
    2. Shared on facebook
    3. Shared on instagram
    4. I am in love with the Pat Green Aztec t-shirt dress

    I hope I win! I've looked at your shop so many times.


    Kerry Todd

  17. WOW!! Thanks for the awesomw giveaway!!!
    1. I've been following your blog for YEARS :)
    2. I'm a facebook fan. I am in love with the Heart on Your Sleeve shirts.
    3. If I was on instagrm you'd be the first i'd follow ;)
    4. Shared it on FB.
    5. If I wasn't a poor missionary mama of 6 I would totally buy something like NOW. (hoping I get one extra sympathy vote ;))


    Tiffany Crosland

  18. Hi Shauna! 1,2,3,4 are all done! I commented on your giveaway post on Facebook as to my favorite item in your shop. Happy Sunday!!! Annie Gabel

  19. I feel asleep with phone in my hand doing this last night.
    I follow you passionately on Facebook.
    I posted to your Facebook page last night my desire for a marley oxy.
    I actually downloaded Instagram, made an account and started following.
    I shared the contest on Facebook.
    Started following the blog officially.
    Going to buy on etsy right now. I found my phone open to your etsy page shining in face when I woke up this morning.
    If you can't tell I am a huge fan:-)
    Amanda custy-Schaas

  20. How fun!
    1.I followed your blog
    2.I'm a fan on facebook and I commented on the brown swearter tank that I bought last week!
    3.I followed PPP on instagram
    Tina Agate :)

  21. Following this blog now too! Whoo hoo, getting lots of entries!

  22. This is a great contest! I'm all sorts of excited about this. Lets see....I starting following your blog, I am a fan of ppp on facebook and left my comment, I follow you on instagram and shared this link on my twitter!! I totally wish I could order something now but sadly my bank account is a little low so I have to wait till payday :) Love your stuff, your blog and your faith! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  23. My name is Sabrina Fox.
    I follow your blog! Check
    I am a fan of your facebook page and I commented with my favorite item! Check
    I follow Poor Pitiful Pearl on Instagram! Check
    I shared this contest link on facebook and on instagram! Check, and check!!

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  24. What a fantastic giveaway!!!

    1.) I followed your blog!
    2.) I liked Poor Pitiful Pearl on facebook and commented with my favorite item! ---> I selected the Poor Pitiful Pearl Green Pearl Snap Tube Top
    3.)Following on Instagram! @lala_earth
    4.) Shared on Twitter! @MurphyLala

  25. I follow you on Bloglovin, Instagram, and Facebook. I commented, and I shared the link! Fingers are crossed over here. I want PPP soooooooooo bad! ....... And I just realized that sound hilarious. I want a PPP item soooooo bad. There we go;p

  26. Thank you so much, Shauna, for this give-away ... love how fun & easy it is ;-)!
    Done with 1., 2., 3. & 4. (via FB) so far. Will have to come back after tomorrow's upload for 5. (thanks for the sneak-peek ... some gorgeous fabrics <3) :-)!!

  27. Thank you for this awesome contest! I have completed items 1-4(shared on fb) was very difficult to pick my favorite, as I have so many! :0) Hopefully I will complete #5 tomorrow!
    Monica Engler

  28. 1) Following your blog - Oikos Handmade
    2) Fan of your facebook page commented (Kimberly R) Mammy Pack or anything that has lace or crochet items added
    3) Following on Instagram (Oikos Handmade)
    4) Shared on Twitter (Oikos Handmade)

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter...crossing my fingers!!

  29. Awesome giveaway!

    I follow you on Instagram!

  30. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    Follow your blog
    Like your FB page and commented on the amazing retro floral oxy bell sleeve on the FB!!!!
    No instagram or I would follow you
    Thanks again ;)

  31. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I follow on FB
    3. I follow on Instagram
    4. I commented on FB about my favorite item
    5. I shared to FB and Twitter

    So excited! Thanks for the opportunity ;)

    xo, Kye

  32. 1- I follow the blog
    2- I follow on FB
    3- I follow on Instagram
    4- I commented on FB my fav item is Custom Made For You. Poor Pitiful Pearl Shoot From Hip Skirt!!
    5- I shared the contest on FB

    Thanks Kye for the intro to this awesome company!!!

    ~Jenn Doll

  33. Blog follower, FB liked, Instagram follower, shared on FB

  34. Hey Shauna,
    First off what an awesome giveaway! Thank you. Winner will sure be one lucky duck.
    What I have done…to hopefully win:
    1. Follow PPP blog
    2. I’m the biggest fan of PPP- follow on facebook
    3. Follow on instagram
    4. Shared link on facebook
    5. And I purchased a totally cute swing top tonight :)

    I love Poor Pitiful Pearl
    xo Lauren LeBlanc

  35. Jen Hatton

    Such an awesome giveaway!!

    I am a fan on FB.
    I follow the blog.
    I shared the contest on my FB page.
    I follow you on Instagram.
    I commented on my favorite Etsy shop item(s) - I had to pick two!

  36. Patty Ogg

    I am a FB fan
    I entered to follow blog
    I shared contest on my fb page
    I follow you on instagram
    i commented on my favs in your etsy shop
    i ordered a custom tea dress for my daughter!!!

  37. Hey Shauna,

    I could swear I submitted my entry last night on my phone but I guess it didn't go through. So sorry if it shows up double.

    I have done the following things;

    1. I am a follower of your blog
    2. I am a fan of your fb page and I commented on how I adore the tea time dress.
    3.I downloaded and joined instagram just for you :-)
    4.I also shared the contest on my personal FB page

    Thanks for the chance at this awesome contest!

    Thanks for this awesome contest!