New " Meme" tops

The story behind these adorable tops, my Pilate's instructor and friend asked me to "fix" up her daughters tank top. The tank top was super cute and made by her mom, who they call  "meme". I loved the open back concept, but wanted to add a PPP touch to it. I played with it a bit , added ruffles { of course , PPP signature .. i love my ruffles } and made it very patchy and ecclectic.

I loved the way it turned out so much, I asked her if she would mind if I added that style to my PPP collection. She was honored.  So a big thank you to Meme! This was my first prototype.. after many rough drafts. I gifted it to Italia... I like to keep my first prototypes  for sentimental reasons... especially with new patterns.

But the good news, is I am working on making many more of these, baby and adult version too... so stay locked into the PPP blog.. for updates on the "Meme" release!

Here are some pictures of Italia & McCoy before we headed out to target. { they dress themselves these days } and do a pretty fine job, I must say. The PPP runs deep in the blood... I think. Italia was suoer pumped about her new Meme top...

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  1. Oh my goodness, Shauna, You brought tears to my eyes. My beloved Grandmother was MeMe. Boy, I miss her. Loving your new designs.
    Gail Webber