Bestie is in town...../Sale

My bestie is in town.... and I want to relax and take some time off of work.
I will be away from sewing machine/ & computer for a few days and probably into the weekend.
So best bet, I should be in full work force come monday.
Im so thankful for this time off, I really need it.

This has been an emotional week for me.... and spending some time with Selena { aka: Nena }
is exactly what the Dr ordered. I also wanted to thank you for all of your warm letters.
I may not have responded to all of them yet, but I plan too...
and I want you all to know that your personal experiences and prayers have seriously helped me through this.

I will be offering up a sale in place of my absence.
Please enter the code: Nena40 to get 40% off.
{ this discount does not apply to customs { only already made items}
Please be sure to enter code in correctly... as I will not be on my computer to send refunds /etc

Hope you guys enjoy the sale.... and have a great rest of the week.

P.S. Next week, Im going on a big shopping extravaganza... what items of PPP have you been wanting to see posted?

< comment below and i will print out the list and take it shopping with me > 

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  1. Wish List ;-): Would love embellished tanks {the funkier, the better!}, wraps, cardis ... <3