Bestie is in town...../Sale

My bestie is in town.... and I want to relax and take some time off of work.
I will be away from sewing machine/ & computer for a few days and probably into the weekend.
So best bet, I should be in full work force come monday.
Im so thankful for this time off, I really need it.

This has been an emotional week for me.... and spending some time with Selena { aka: Nena }
is exactly what the Dr ordered. I also wanted to thank you for all of your warm letters.
I may not have responded to all of them yet, but I plan too...
and I want you all to know that your personal experiences and prayers have seriously helped me through this.

I will be offering up a sale in place of my absence.
Please enter the code: Nena40 to get 40% off.
{ this discount does not apply to customs { only already made items}
Please be sure to enter code in correctly... as I will not be on my computer to send refunds /etc

Hope you guys enjoy the sale.... and have a great rest of the week.

P.S. Next week, Im going on a big shopping extravaganza... what items of PPP have you been wanting to see posted?

< comment below and i will print out the list and take it shopping with me > 


PPP Crop Tops!
Crop tops are in, did you know?
Dont want to show your tummy?- layer-layer-layer!

These cuties, are hemmed to the side.. for a cute curvy look.
We have these two being posted, Monday.

Post time... Monday 5pm tx time. 

The Beach & My heart

This photo shoot today is so close to my heart.
I feel like every shot captures something I greatly miss.
The Beach.

Whats hilarious about it, is we looked extremely out of place, in the Texas parking lot with our surfboard.
{ and even boogie board, ha ha }
but we still captured the vibe we were aiming for.

Today was a tough day, but I'm glad I powered through it and continued on with our scheduled photo shoot. My sweet model friends stole my heart by bringing me my favorite 2tart dessert and fresh homegrown tomatoes from their garden. 

Good friends, silly surfboard poses, Jack Johnson and hanging out on some random guys parked van... is sometimes exactly what the Dr ordered.

Hope you guys enjoy the new PPP coming to you Monday!
Stay tuned for times!

Sneak Peek.

We only got 11 pieces shot today, before we got rained out.
Comical actually as we raced against the black cloud coming towards us.
It was pouring all around us... and we felt lucky enough to get even 11.

I have a super cute beachy batch of PPP that I am just dying to share..
So please God let the rain subside tomorrow...

Ill post these 11 tonight {prob in a couple hours.}.. stay tuned.. 

Custom PPP Band Oxys/ Photo Shoot Cancelled

Hey guys,
It rained pretty heavy over here today,  our photo shoot was cancelled.
Which also means, there will be no new PPP for Tuesday, boo.
Looks like we should be getting rain all week long, I'll keep you guys posted.

Thought I'd give an update for the last few of these band tees that I have left.

Pink Floyd 
{ I have two more left }
and some smalls already made. 

I have 7 or so Bob Marley's left

I have only two of these Lynyrd Skynrd's left

Order them in your size! and grab whats left before they are gone!
And more custom oxy's .... here....

Sneak Peek.

 I wanted to keep everything in this batch.
Good thing Im pregnant and wont fit into any of it for a while.
Happy for you, :)

Coming to our shop, Saturday at 1pm. tx time.

Oxy Angel Tubes...

I just posted one more of these oxy angel tubes { and i have some of this fabric left over for prob 2 more if you want one custom, just hollar }

And this one, I posted two more of today { but I am all out of this fabric entirely }

I will be making more of these oxy angel tubes in other fabrics as well.
Custom is always an option, if you have some awesome fabric on hand.

The first trimester of my pregnancy has been treating me so well, no morning sickness or anything.
but today, I have to say, this Mama is tired.

I think its because Italia tore every book off the shelf at the library this morning.
Places that are tidy quiet and in order don't mesh well with my spicy.

Have a great day!

And the winner is....

..........  IT'S JUST ME!!!!!.......
Is the winner!!!! Congrats!!!!
{ please hurry and contact us, you have one week to redeem your prizes }

Thanks so much for participating in our contest. For all of you who entered I would like to offer you a one time coupon code : CONTEST50.

You can get 50% off on anything "already made in the shop"  tonight only.
That is my way of saying thank you, I know that losing sucks. 
I wished you could all win.... 

Thanks again for always spreadin the PPP love!

New " Meme" tops

The story behind these adorable tops, my Pilate's instructor and friend asked me to "fix" up her daughters tank top. The tank top was super cute and made by her mom, who they call  "meme". I loved the open back concept, but wanted to add a PPP touch to it. I played with it a bit , added ruffles { of course , PPP signature .. i love my ruffles } and made it very patchy and ecclectic.

I loved the way it turned out so much, I asked her if she would mind if I added that style to my PPP collection. She was honored.  So a big thank you to Meme! This was my first prototype.. after many rough drafts. I gifted it to Italia... I like to keep my first prototypes  for sentimental reasons... especially with new patterns.

But the good news, is I am working on making many more of these, baby and adult version too... so stay locked into the PPP blog.. for updates on the "Meme" release!

Here are some pictures of Italia & McCoy before we headed out to target. { they dress themselves these days } and do a pretty fine job, I must say. The PPP runs deep in the blood... I think. Italia was suoer pumped about her new Meme top...

Win a FREE PPP Bundle Contest.

Winner takes all: > $50 PPP Bucks that can be used on anything in the store { custom, sale item or already made item }, 50% off coupon towards anything in the shop + one free custom item, your pick.

Here is how to win!

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Please be sure to comment below to tell us which things you did, so you can get can get entered multiple times for each above thing you do! Don't forget your name! 

Winner will be announced on this blog , Tue 9th.

XO, Shauna

NEW Oxy Angel Tube

I am so stoked about our new design, "The Oxy Angel Tube"
Same awesome cut of the already popular oxy, but with awesome heavenly sleeves.
I am a very casual person, and this top perfectly fancy's up my life.

New PPP will be posted Friday> 8pm.
I will post some other sneak peeks of this listing on instagram tonight.
Fringe Necklace? Robin Moratti.
Feather Headdress? Run with the tribe.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July. 

PPP Recap

Go get your PPP>
More, New PPP coming Friday 5th.