Sneak Peek

I am posting a super small { but super cute none the less } PPP Batch on Sunday night at 8pm Tx time. Here is a peek:

I slowed down a bunch this week and burned,backed up and deleted from my hard drive over 160 family videos. My computer is running so much smoother now. I am not the most organized person when it comes to memorabilia.... so it was very therapeutic for me to accomplish a task such as this. I bore easily when it comes to "repeat" tasks,  like burning cds of 160 videos. I could never sew in an assembly line, or work in any kind of factory. I guess that's why I make one of a kind clothing, gotta always have change in my life. so I don't get googly eyed. Wow. What a tangent.

In other news, I found out that "I'm Pregnant "... If you don't follow me on facebook or instagram... this might be your first time hearing it...  We are super excited and we feel super blessed, the timing couldn't be more perfect. God is so good to us. We are truly humbled after what we recently went through.

 I feel a lot less motivated and relaxed, but not sick or tired yet... so Praise God!  Hope you guys are having a great weekend.

and remember> we are posting over at our etsy shop again:


  1. Congratulations! I missed this announcement! Super good news <3 And a blessed kid ;)