Dear Facebok and Ex facebook friends,

Dear Facebook friends and Ex-facebook friends,

I made a bad decision. I was so overwhelmed by my ADD upon loggin into facebook, that one day I made a rash decision to delete my facebook. Well, it wasn't quite that easy however. Facebook is smart and sneaky and they make it extremely difficult to do knee jerk reactions such as these.

Because I have a PPP business fan page on facebook, I wanted to make sure that my deleting my personal page would not affect the fan page... because it serves as a meeting spot for many of us, on post updates, photos and more. Well, pesky facebook insists I must have a personal page in order to run a business page.... so me being stubborn and seemingly clever { not really } I decided that I would "trick" the system if you will. I thought I would manually delete all 1600 of my personal friends and erase all of my photos... yet not delete my account in order to keep running the business page. This way I would have no distractions, no updates, nothing, just a blank silhouette of a reminder of what used to be.

Honestly as I read that sentence back, I cant believe I didn't realize at the time, this sounded like a ridiculous idea, and one that would most certainly lead to carpal tunnel. Facebook again lived up to its pesky rep by not offering a "bulk" delete button, but rather I spent an entire evening manually deleting EVERYTHING from my facebook.  Can you FEEL the finger pain and googly eyes?

Being stubborn as I explained, I failed to realize that by me doing this, 1600 of my friends would see that I deleted them, but notice that I indeed still had a facebook.. which lead to many confused phone calls and texts from family and friends { yes, I even deleted my mom }. Realizing there was no possible way to make peace with 1600 people... or send any kind of mass- email to explain.. { duh, I just erased the social media that made that possible} ... I felt immediately regretful.  DOH!

But again, being the stubborn person that I am, I figured I had come this far, might as well reap the benefits of a Facebook- less life. Its true... in the past month, I have had more time, and less ADD time found accidentally looking at someones wedding album, when really I meant to quickly reply to a facebook chat.... so I figured all things would figure itself out. Surely all 1600 of my friends would eventually realize I did not purposely delete them... and send me a personal email, right?... wrong!

In that short stint away from facebook, I realized that I was missing out on baby pictures of my friends who just had a baby, customer pics in their PPP, ability to shoot emails to just about anyone without having to remember an email address and even my moms daily Dr Oz updates. Yes, I actually miss those. Love you Mom... and I know how to make every smoothie possible because of your awesome facebook shares.

So, which leads me to the next place of anticipated recovery. I am back on Facebook. With my tail between my legs, I ask you back? Please add me as a friend on my personal page... and we can pretend this never happened. I will even slowly add back my pictures. I am all in. No more games. No more knee jerk reactions. Ashamed to admit, that life without my personal facebook page was more stressful than getting side tracked on this pesky site I just love to hate and hate to love.

Anyways, for real, I'm back.

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