Moving Again, and a lazy sale.

So this is totally bad business, because holding two sales back to back means I am literally making my costs back. but I am so incredibly dreading the idea of moving all the posted items from shopify back to etsy. But I have too. So why I am moving back?

While I love shopify,  listing over 60+ One of a kind items on shopify per week, took me double the time to post and then double the time to ship. With the amount of work I do per week, I need my posting time to be efficient.. because I get cranky if I am spending more time on the computer clicking, then actual design time doing what I love...

"Etsy, will you take me back, I'm sorry I thought life would be easier without you, I'm sorry I thought your fees were too high.... I guess this is a perfect example of how time is more valuable than money. Absence truly did make this PPP heart grow fonder... 

So here is the haps!

ETSY Shop: Will host all already made one of a kind items, and custom items. {like the good ol days }

SHOPIFY site: Will host {soon} New Collection Pieces { that are not one of kind} and a wholesale spot for easy shop ordering.

ok... so no more changes...! Pinky Promise
Sale is over at / to help clear out items so that I do not have to move them back over to Etsy, there is no sale going on over on the etsy shop. Make Sense? 

Oh and you cant stay mad at me for being manic and confusing your shopping life, when I offer 50% off sales, right? >>> Sale is only for today...!  Go get dat halfie off stuff! Be sure to enter code at the end of check out.


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