Happy Papas Day!

This morning, we were woke up by two really excited girls, it was as if it were Christmas!
Happy Fathers Day!!!!!  they sang!
They got dad a Starbucks card and some cool new vans.
I wore my new firedaughter "shine on" tank to church today....  which was super cool because the morning was all about shining our light for Jesus.

We are having a great day so far, the kids are napping at present, and Daddy is banging on his drums in his music room. I am blasting hillsong and rocking out...in my sewing studio.

Later, we are taking kayaks out to the lake.
I love kayaking, totally addicted.

I called my Dad today and told him how much I loved him and recapped the legacy of lessons he has taught me. I think as we get older, we really need to be wise with making sure we tell the people we love how much we love them, but also how they impacted our life for the better.

My Dad always told me "time is more important than money, use it wisely"
and he also said that with every thing you do, give it 100%.
Just like a karate chop, if it has 100% of all you got, you can break wood.
but with divided attention, you lack power.
I carry around his wisdom's.
I think it is why I have such good work ethics and I never give up.

Dads are so special.... especially to daughters.
They teach us what to expect from men.
If we have good healthy relationships with our Dads, we raise the bar of what we expect from the Men in our life. I'm so thankful that my husband is always telling my girls how beautiful and special they are. They need their Dad. 

To be a Dad is a weight-y. Role.
Props - Dads! You guys have the capability to leave awesome legacy's.
Make it good !

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