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Hey PPP Peeps!,
 My kids have swimming lessons everyday this week.... and my husband is working over time.
Not to mention I just discovered to my dismay that I have over 140 videos and 6,000 photos on my computer.. { and I was wondering why it was running slow? } Friends, I need to take a break for a week and clean up and soak in some sun at the pool with my kiddos... & for goodness sake, take my computer to the Geek Squad and have them burn and save all of my memorabilia.  I am not going to design anything new this week which will be a first in a long while. I will be offering a 50% off sale in its place... that will start right now and end when I announce. Sale is in our online store only, and is not valid on custom orders.

 I am really excited about my New PPP Screened Oxys that I will be posting on Friday! You will be able to order them in S, M, L. Made to order. Which is super easy for both of us! Everyone of us must have a club PPP shirt... but there are a couple other screens that I did as well. 

So while we are not saving the planet with the new shirts, we are saving our sanity.... which is a great thing { for us Moms, this is of greater value than the planet }. I am excited to be able to branch out more and more into items that you can order in your size... without the anxiety { even though I know that's fun too } of winning the one of a kind item. Like I said, lots of changes taking place, some that are more long term, but in the works right now. 

Alrighty, PPP loves! I am off to spend a lovely day with my little fishes. McCoy made the bronze swimming team, Italia is learning to float and blow bubbles under the water. I am learning to get in bed a bit earlier... and realizing that this thing called life.. is not a race... and there is much value in rest and having a slow schedule full of margin. I have disabled my personal fb page, in an effort to add more time back to my life... but still have to keep it open and abandoned for the sake of keeping my PPP facebook business page. Pesky Facebook and it's rules. So please know, I did not delete you... I deleted "me".
So go get you some of that "PPP" at half off! Enjoy & Happy Monday! 

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