Ready Set Joy

Yesterday, I wanted to go deep into the country, put a big iron gate around all my special people, home school everyone, grow my own food, stay away from all crowded places { you get the picture } and while some of that still sounds real nice... Today, I have chosen to NOT live in fear. I refuse to let the enemy still my JOY. I have committed to be intentional today to make all my thoughts and words obedient to Christ... which means I have no time for worry & fear. Yes, there are terrible things going on all around us, so much sadness here on earth... and yet there is great JOY and peace when we trust in God. 

Lets not allow the enemy to kill and steal our joy. Most of the things we worry about wont even happen to us. If the enemy cant take our lives, he will instead go after our joy, giving us a spirit of fear, that leaves us living like a corpse. Life is short and bad news will come.... but lets not allow the enemy to steal our precious moments we have left.

 If you feel yourself dwelling on the fear of " what if" today, commit your fears to God, ask that he would give you his peace and remove the shackles from our feet. Fear is the opposite of peace.... If we want PEACE here on earth, we must seek his perfect peace and commit even our inner most thoughts and worries to him. He is capable, he is faithful, when you ask, he will give. He always keeps his promises. Who joins me today in this? 

Ready- set- JOY!


  1. JOY!
    Amen, Shauna, you read my mind! This is exactly the post I needed to read this afternoon.
    Jot, Peace, not fear.

  2. so inspiring to read this Shauna!