PPP is moving >>> 50% off everything!

Wow. Big News!
PPP is moving.!
{ no, not back to the beach, sigh. }
But we are MOVING TO our own " online"  home.
A magical place that is being built up as you read this!

So excited....... and nervous.
Etsy has been a great vehicle.
An organized and steady place to pursue online business.
I owe etsy much gratitude... but it has become clear, it's time to move on.
Not totally however, as I plan to leave a trail of PPP on etsy as well.
{You will see}.... there is so much new stuff birthing.
I can't wait to share it all with you.... 

A part of me has been wanting to do something like this for years.
Waiting for the opportune time.... as it is time consuming to make big changes.
Yet as we know in life, often while waiting, we realize that opportune time does not just appear.
I think its become clear it is time to push through the headache of the work involved.... 
for the greatness that will result.
I'm pretty excited { oh wait, did i already say that ? }

So that leads me to this the biggest sale yet, over 100 pieces in store right now.
AT 50% off.
here are the guidelines:

1. There are no returns or exchanges on these final sale items.
2.  You must enter the code:  PPP501 there will be no refunds on code mistakes.

If you have any questions about how the code works, I will be glad to help you.
just send me a convo via~ etsy. 

 And yes, our regular PPP posts will be post-poned till we are up and running on our new site.
hopefully sooner than later- in the meantime- enjoy the sale.

Sale will end, when we close shop. :) or as soon as things run out.
< whichever happens first >

Tell your mother,brother,sister and aunt! 
Thank you all for believing in PPP, so that I have the courage to believe in it as well and take it to the next level of greatness. You guys are awesome!

Shop here> www.poorpitifulpearl.etsy.com
Sale. starts.now.

P.S. If you have any exchanges from the last post, now is the time to get those in! or redeem those credits. Policies might be a bit different on the new site. thanks for your attention to this matter. 

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