PPP-Benefit for the Shullanberger Family

The same week that the two foster girls came to live with us, a dear friend of mine, Kaprice and her sweet family got some terrible news. Their daughter, Bryliegh 2.5 years old was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease called MLD. Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) is a genetic disorder that affects nerves, muscles, other organs, and behavior. In the late infantile form, which is the most common form of MLD (50-60%), affected children begin having difficulty walking after the first year of life, usually at 15–24 months. Symptoms include muscle wasting and weakness, muscle rigidity, developmental delays, progressive loss of vision leading to blindness, convulsions, impaired swallowing, paralysis, and dementia. Children may become comatose. Untreated, most children with this form of MLD die by age 5, often much sooner.There is currently no treatment or cure for MLD.

To give you a little insight on the Shullanberger family, in the Midst of this news, Kaprice texts me to see how I am doing adjusting to 4 girls and sincerely asks if I need anything??? It goes without saying, The Shullanbergers are not your typical family, if you know them personally, you will nod along with me in agreement.They are truly one of the most positive, generous and loving families I know.

To give you a little history, Bryleigh was experiencing a delay in walking, that doctors attributed to a heart condition, and therefore underwent heart surgery in 2012, before the MLD diagnosis was made. When her condition did not improve following surgery, she underwent months of genetic testing and brain scans before the MLD diagnosis was made.

Bryleigh requires around the clock care and having both parents home to care for her is so important. We want the family to be together as much as possible, and since they are a single-income family, friends are rallying up as much support as we can. While they have a difficult time receiving, it is truly our job as the hands and feet of Jesus to push his love upon them. Many of us feel that financial giving is all we can do, because that is the most tangible resource to allow them more family time together, more intentional memories made and just less stress overall. While Corbin has a great career and they feel completely blessed to have great insurance, we still feel that a little lovin in the form of a nest egg would be a huge blessing to them, a dinner out together, a weekend away, or a missed day at work. Regardless of which, we want them to feel the love of Jesus through human hands, and an over pouring of blessings in the most radical way possible. We have already seen his favor rest upon them so radically, we know that God is the great comforter as he has already bestowed unto them such admirable strength and positivity.

I have prayed and prayed on how our family personally could be a blessing to the Shullanbergers... Kaprice is a stand out friend. I can honestly say, that I have never met anyone as generous as she. I'm not exaggerating because this is her story, I am sincerely blown away by her giving heart and truly inspired by her as a Friend, Wife and Mother. Kaprice is the type of friend who will drop by freshly baked gluten free cookies when she hears you are having to go gluten free, Makes a big deal about your birthday and texts you "I'm thinking about you" reminders when you haven't connected in a week or so...

         Bottom line.... She is a gem.......................... and Im so thankful she is in my life. 

 After a heavy heart and much prayer, it came to me yesterday. The answer was a PPP Benefit. 50% of all profits will go to their family to support during this tough time. I am excited and hoping that the unexpected cash would be a gift of quality family time, a little extra cushion... and to show them how much they are loved by the PPP community and their local friends here in NB.

If you were planning on splurging on some PPP, now you needth feel guilt about the splurge. I am praying for a big turn out and hope you will help me share the benefit info with your friends and family. If you are not a PPP customer but would like to be a blessing anyway, You could also purchase something { in size small } as a gift for Kaprice { she is a PPP wearing girl and would totally love it }- just make a note in the note to seller and I will be sure to send her the package. I am pretty familiar with her style, so feel free to ask me what I think she would like.

And lastly, The Shullanbergers are fully aware that God is the one and only great physician. While we rely and respect our earthly doctors immensely, we know that God is the only one who has our days numbered and can heal even the incurable. Just because we are told the outlook is grim, we pray without ceasing and stand in expectancy for God to do wonderful things, because he can. Thank you for praying along with us.

Benefit starts now! >>>> anything sold between now and Wednesday the 17th! 

Shop here >>> www.poorpitifulpearl.etsy.com

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  1. Thank you so so much for doing this Shauna! My brother and sister in law deserve and need to be surrounded by love. Kaprice and Corbin are two of the most giving, selfless people I've ever met and it warms my heart to know that there are so many people who want to help!