Customs are " kinda" back.

Every day I get asked to make customs, even though I decided a few months ago to discontinue customs all together. It's hard to say no to simple requests for the sake of being consistent. I find myself thinking, it would be so easy to whip up a customers school, band, team shirt or add some bell sleeves to one of their favorites.... yet I feel a certain obligation to be realistic about my margins in life as well. 
Its difficult to draw a line in the sand.....and more importantly, knowing where the line should be drawn.

because blogs/ letters can be mis-understood.
pretend for a minute we are best friends and we are running along side eachother on the treadmill.
then I wont sound like such brat, if it gets to that place.

Truth is 80% of the time, my customs are a breeze.
the other 20% I lose sleep over.
But why must the 20% damper the majority?

I would like offer back the two most popular and simple customs.
The ever popular, Oxy tube and Bell Sleeve.
I am excited to offer these again and hope that this will allow you more options for PPP>

I am also a little hesitant and nervous if I am being totally transparent.
The exclusion is that I reserve the right to decline a custom if it becomes too time consuming.
Its nothing personal. I just have to be realistic about the amount of time I can personally spend on one item. I hope you can try to sympathize with me how challenging this may be with the work load I have.

I truly dislike saying no to any of you, I want the whole world dressed in PPP!
I am only human.... and there are limits to what I can do.

In a nutshell, I am giving this a go and maybe if its goes smoothly, I can slowly add back more items.

>>Can I ask you a favor please? <<

Would you kindly consider these things before ordering customs?

- Read the entire listing as it has ALL the info you need.
{ I've taken a lot of time and thought to explain in detail what I need from the customer to make a custom. What type of shirt is needed, what measurements I will need and what address to send too }
If I do not answer your question in the listing, please feel free to ask questions, but please do read what I spent time to write.

- Send in shirts that are not offensive.
this is my business and while I aim to not be judgmental of your life... I have the discretion to not want my tag sewn on to anything that is contrary to my beliefs... for obvious reasons.
{ you would be surprised at what I end up having to return to people }

- Do your part
 I need your measurements at the time of order.
I need you to send in your shirt in a timely manner after ordering.
 Make sure your shirts/.fabric are nice and clean, pre-washed.
I am allergic to cats and cigarette smoke... so please please please wash!!
make sure your address is correct before ordering.

< you know the basics >......

I really appreciate it... and I thank you for understanding my side of things.
I am so appreciative that you shop PPP.
I seriously have the best customers in all the world.


  1. You're a sweetie :).... I hope to one day have a custom PPP in my closet, the shirt I would've instinctively grabbed up for one was sadly left at my parents, mistaken for a cast-off and relegated to my dad's shop cloths (after cuttin it down to squares) :/

    P.S. I think we're all allergic to cigarette smoke. Even smokers ;)

  2. You have made me quite some custom dresses in the past Shauna and I still wear the ones from two years ago. What I personally loved most about your custom work was the oppurtunity to work with old fabrics/clothes from meaningfull pieces. For example, you made me once a tube dress with a piece of fabric from an old blouse from my grandmother that died. Every time I wear that dress it feels so special for that reason. So please know that your customs work is really appreciated and loved!