I love our house.... but its paint color is so blah. 
Beige with an old faded green trim..
Beige and I are not friendly.
I am at home a lot.... and I like my home to reflect my personality... 
the colorful inside does not match up to the boring outside.

With PPP being so busy, I have missed doing crafty things for myself.
Today we are all in our pjs,  kids playing outside...while I paint our back french doors.
It's not done, I still need to do one more coat and cut in.
I'm thinking I should paint my entire house now... 
Now I must dream up the main color for my house ? 

It will probably take me like a year to finish, but I like having personal projects.

P.S. PPP locked in another huge store account. I am so excited to tell you more soon xo.

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