Rest Bits

One of the hardest things in running my own business is that I have to constantly strive for balance...
and most of the time that means carving out time for rest.
I don't mean actual sleeping... although the above picture of Italia sleeping is very enticing.
Creating rest bits in my day means, chances to sit down, interact in simple ways, stop and smell the roses if you will.

Busy people have to plan for these simplicities.
I used to struggle with panic attacks and bad anxiety, mainly from the stress of trying to cram too much in one day. I've learned that when I seek margin, I find balance and I am able to hear more clearly from God.... my children, the needs of others and good health is also the reward.

It sounds so simple to do, but with a personality like mine, I have to work at it.
I wake up everyday and have to remind myself to be aware of this power struggle to do it all.

And just today, I caught myself stressing trying to figure out how to make miracles happen to get a photo shoot, and post all in one day, so I could make my Monday post deadline.

I can be so hard on myself.

Its laughable.... because life will go on, its only clothes, and many of you are so understanding.
I just can be such a mean boss to myself, its almost counter productive to be self-employed.
I run a tight ship around here... ha!

So with wisdom, I corrected this stress immediately and realized I have the freedom to adjust things.
"This is not an emergency", I said to my adrenal glands.
No need to fight or flight....
{ a fellow anxious person will understand this crazy talk }

So in efforts to be kind to myself, and create margins in my life.
Long story short, I have pushed the post to Wednesday instead of Monday.

Long winded.... but now you know. :)
Wednesday it is. 
Time will be announced as we get closer to the day.

Phil 4:6 Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

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  1. Looks like I'm reading my own story. I had my business on Etsy running next to a fulltime job in education and when we were growing fast, I almost got a burn-out. Since a while I'm running my business fulltime, and however this change was a very good one (finally listening to my heart! :-)), I still have a daily struggle to find or to keep balance. It helps me to do some headspacing during the day. (look over For me it works, as I don't have the rest yet to meditate on my own. It's also so important to keep having an eye on the small pleasures in life, when working so hard.
    The fact that we realise is a good one, then we can work on changing things.

    XO Karin