Easter + Possibly the last day as a family of 4.

Its Easter.... the most important holiday in history. A friend this morning explained it best, While Christmas is important because we celebrate Jesus' Birth, we have all been born... this is nothing new. I'm not downplaying Christmas at all, obviously, Jesus Birthday was a gift to all human kind. Yet, Easter is especially unique in that none of us have ever died and rose again.

Because of this one act on the cross we can have a relationship with God. God loved us so much, he sent his only son to die on a cross for us. I don't want someone to leave my child out of a game or call her a name, it destroys my heart, so I can only imagine the grief God felt as he chose to allow his son to endure this pain for the sins of the world.

While I know I will always be a sinner.... it makes me hungry to live a life that brings Glory to God. Knowing all that he sacrificed for me, I cringe to think of the grief my sins bring him and have brought him. As parents we get an intimate glimpse of this love...  I love my kids so much, its painful... and yet our love is failing compared to his.  How GREAT is his love for us.  {we will truly never know the weight of it }

This Easter is a super special one personally for our family, as today could be our last day as a family of four. While there are no guarantees, we could possibly be a family of 6 soon. We know two things could happen in this process, 1.We are able to adopt these two foster children 2. Our hearts are broken.

We gladly sign up for either 1 or 2. We have committed to opening our hearts and trusting God in the rest. I know I must sound like a broken record when I ask for prayer, but I have truly felt your prayers as there has been so much peace surrounding our family right now, so much calm in the midst of what some might see as a stressful adjustment. We thank you ahead of time for praying for us, and the two girls and specifically to pray that we would all adjust well and make loving bonds.

Paige will be here to load up new PPP- on Monday. So Stay tuned.
While we don't have an exact time, she will announce on fb before she loads up.
She will load everything up at once so it will be a quick post.

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  1. Shauna, I have been a long time reader of your blog (I am SO happy you are blogging again!) and have enjoyed a couple of pieces of PPP over the years :-). I am so excited for you guys and will definitely be praying for all of you. The Lord has put this desire in your hearts to be a family to children in need - He loves the orphan and the destitute, the lonely - you know this - He will equip you in every way. I will impatiently and eagerly be looking for updates on instagram and your blog. Squeee! So exciting. The Lord is good :-). Love, Chenning