Around Here

Some instagrams as of late.
Speaking of such, I am going to make my instagram "public" any day now.
I just need a few minutes to read how the thing works.
I am not ignoring the follower requests.... and thank you for requesting me.

In other news:

- Just got news that PPP was voted as Best Designer for readers choice awards on
Would you vote for me here. ? I am one of the 4 top finalists. It takes a second. 

- I'm addicted to the roasted seaweed at trader joes.

- Two of my favorite people in the whole world have birthdays this month, my Mom and Grandma Noni. Shout outs to them for being amazing. Happy Birthday!!!

- Italia seemed kinda sad today,... turns out she has a fever. :( boo. Hoping she sleeps it off and the fever does its job to kill the bad guys.

-Posting New PPP on Friday night and Monday day.
Not sure exact times.

- Lastly, we are cold. ready for some consistent warm weather.

-TGIAF. { Thank,God,Its,Almost.Friday}

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