I love..... FRIDAYS! 
By default, they have become a pretty relaxing slow day of the week for me.
Today I hung out with my mom and my girls and we drank coffee and talked to strangers for over two hours at a coffee shop, it was rad. No time restraints.... and just awesome conversation.

I also shopped at Junkology and brought in their most recent PPP order, so if you are local, hurry in.

Tonight, I will be prepping for a pretty yummy pancake breakfast for my big girl who just turned 3. Italia absolutely loves her uh-ganic- cake-cake. {organic} and maple syrup.

PPP Cat heart upcycled shirt { as ridiculously allergic to cats as I am, I still couldn't resist this shirt for myself.. sorry folks }
Boyfriend Jeans. by GAP straight leg.
Blowfish Shoes... { new from their spring collection } Gah!

and of course... my new copper hair..... I hope it doesn't wash out as fast this time.

We are so excited for tomorrows PPP shoot to stylize with our new spring blowfish shoes.
Did you know that if you are a PPP customer you can get 15% off your blowfish purchase by entering in coupon code: BFPPP15 upon checkout.

Check out the blowfish site and let us know your favorites!


  1. I love your top--so unique and awesome!! Your shoes are adorable too! Do they run true to size?

    I got the Topanga style of Blowfish shoes that I saw in some of your photoshoots and I love them! I love that you can dress them up or down!

    Your hair color looks great--perfect for spring! Enjoy your birthday breakfast for your daughter!

  2. Hey Annie.

    they run pretty true to size for me, yes!
    these ones are my new fave. you can't see in pic, but they are snakeskin print. OM gosh. so fun.

    and thanks for loving the top too! xo

    new PPP coming this weekend.

  3. Those pictures are just so cute!

    Zoe x