Life moves fast.
Lately I have been intentionally aware of this.

With my oldest daughter turning 7 in May and my youngest sprouting up so quickly and now 3
I know.... I just don't have time to waste....
 and it seems like life if not lived intentionally... can swallow us up whole.
From the daily tasks of laundry, making meals, and preparing for the day,
to the extra curricular, birthdays, holidays and events...
not to mention, bills, car tags and oil changes.
Sometimes, its pretty easy to understand why we live in a generation of "anxious, stressed out" people.

On top of those obvious time -sucking tasks I mentioned above.... I am a homeschooling Mom.
But the curve ball is I also work from home.
 I have to be really careful how I spend my time.

My Dad always used to tell me
that time is our most valuable resource here on earth.... 
I want to be spirit-filled. Living in the gift of the moment.
Afterall... none of us know our last day....
I don't want to race around like a hamster on a wheel.... wasting my life to only look back with regret.
The thought of this is truly my biggest fear.
Everyday I have to remind myself.... that the laundry, the mail, the filing of papers...
these things CAN WAIT.
They can.
They are thieves.... if we allow them to rob us of our " moments".

My job is a huge blessing to me & my family... yet work does not define me.
The legacy I leave behind... will not be the "oxy" or the girl who made a business for herself.
but I will be known for how I loved others, and the legacy I leave behind in my children.
My relationship with God... and the depth of it... the time I gave to God himself....

& just like the relationship we have with God takes nurturing and pursuing.
So does our relationship with others. 
My children WILL remember how I sat down and engaged with them...
looked them in the eye.
truly took them in.

I want to remember how they brushed their little teeth, slept, talked and walked.
I want to soak them in.
They grow up so fast... its a cliche thing us mothers all say.
but its devastatingly true.
devastating if we miss it.

When I look at old photographs of McCoy as a baby, it feels like a death to me in a way.
Those days are gone... and will never return.
Yet, There is also a new wonderful feeling I get.
The excitement of getting to meet the new "her" as she continues to grow up.
and the wave of memories of those times are so comforting.

It's so important to me that I don't miss the moment. So important.
Staying in this "realization" keeps things in perspective.
Helps me weed out the unimportant things
and press firmly into what matters most.

Enjoy your moments today! 


  1. Shauna, Thanks for sharing! You took all the words right out of my mouth! This is too, my biggest fear..I dont want to be 90 (Godwilling)and regret what i didnt do with my children. Thank you for posting...I feel like this post was by you...but for me to see! You truly are my sister in Christ...lOVE YA! Michelle S.

  2. I just love this- you took the words right out of mouth- I'm saving this post!!! I have a 2 yr old and I want to cherish all the special moments- Thxs for post this!!!
    Also, loved your TGIF-mommy & daughter photo session-post!! So cute


  3. I too loved this post... Makes me sad that my kiddos (2&6) are growing up so fast! This is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy. Keep rocking~ Misty Daffin

  4. I completly agree! I have been feeling the exact same way lately...learning how to live for the moment with my kids and not let it pass me by :)