Meet Paige >

Hey PPP Peeps!
Meet Paige, my new assistant.
I want you all to get familiar with her, she is going to be my other hand around here.
She will be attending emails, posting PPP posts, packaging up stuff and thrifting with me.
She is awesome, I feel very blessed.

Let me tell you a little about Paige.
You may have already seen her headbands in many of our photo shoots.
Check out her etsy shop here.

Paige has been running her own handmade business {pink lemonade} since she was 13! She is now 17... Paige is homeschooled (and has been her whole life), which provides her with a flexible schedule and extra time to help me out, as well as run her own shop! She loves thrifting, crafting, and sewing {yay!}. She is also a Jesus lover--- and it was by no accident that the two of us came together.

Find Paige>>> 
Instagram: @paigeprocknow

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