Italias light day.

 Today is Italia Mellusi Hursh's Birthday..... She is the big "3".
She is well aware this year that it is her birthday, and that means she will get some kind of gift.
She said "my birthday".... " my Christmas" as she pats her heart..
We said, No... its not Christmas.... but you will get a birthday present.
She responded with... Yes, my Italia Light day.

She calls Tangled, light.... and she really wants the baby Rapunzel doll.
{ and ofcourse, its already wrapped and we are so excited to give it to her }
and she keeps reminding us that it is her "light" day. 
The girl knows what she wants.

Such a contrast from her big sister, who asks for random things like umbrellas, socks and clean water for kids who don't have it in Africa. Italia however is a shopper.
You can't even walk her down the toy isle at the store, she wants everything!

Today, Italia is at co-op and they will celebrate with cupcakes from 2tarts.
then we are going to have a small pancake breakfast party with family on Saturday morning.
So many kids are sick this time of year... and we have all been so fortunate to have not gotten the flu this long winter. We opted to throw her a bigger party when spring comes and the sun is shining.
Such a blessing Italia is to our family... my heart could burst for the love I have for her.
I feel so blessed.

Happy Birthday Spicy!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Happy birthday to her!
    Enjoy your time off!

  2. My boy turned 3 last Friday :) It's the busiest age of their little years <3