Don't worry Mom I will always come out on top

Anne of Green Gables, Annie, Pippi Longstocking, and ofcourse Poor Pitiful Pearl. All of my childhood heroes and ironically all orphans. {Almost all of them have red hair and freckles too... but that is a story for another time . } I think its neat that even at a young age I have always loved the oddball, the different, the precocious, and of course the story of redemption.

Pippi Longstocking { one of my all time favorite books as a kid } reminds me of the fighting spirit of some... especially those who have suffered great misfortune. These characters become so much more interesting than the ones who have towed the line and had a so-called normal life. "Isn't it a free country?"... Pippi would say as she argued it was totally fine that she walked backwards.

I love that I captured this picture { not staged people }
McCoy had to put the book down tonight.. she was laughing so hard her belly hurt.
Pippi Longstocking would tell herself to go to bed, if she didn't listen to herself, she would tell herself sharply the second time. If she refused to listen the third time, she would give herself a spanking. It is super silly... but also sad.... because she was so desperate to have an adult in her life.

I love that Pippi believed her deceased mother was peeping at her through a hole in the sky...and Pippi would shout at her. " Don't worry Mom, I will always come out on top "....and you know what? .... She truly did in my mind.
Who were your childhood heroes?  Why? 


  1. What great pictures of your daughter!
    Also, I've never read Pippi Longstocking! Maybe I should!

  2. I LOVED Pippi Longstocking when I was younger! We used to rent the movies from the public library (the OLD OLD version which is much better than the newer ones), I just loved how kooky she was! My childhood heros from books or movies were probably anyone who had an epic adventure ;) Anything that could whisk me away into a fairytale land was alright by me ;)