Around Here.

The last few months Italia has been expressing interest to do school too.....  so we use some great manipulative's and puzzles to keep her excited.

My studio... the plan was to get organized....  hmmm.
McCoy tested in for the advanced level of swim class. 
We are so proud of her and her focus
My new favorite Collard Green Sandwich, sliced almonds, avocado, tomatoes,garlic,onions and salsa and parsley. 

The kids love the green stuff too
The calculator phone.

 I finally finished Italias scrapbook.

Random News:

1. I have being doing a coffee enema everyday for about a month now, and almost all my circulation issues and mysterious symptoms of just feeling yuck have resolved. I'm a life long fan.

2. I am going to dye my hair red again!

3. I have a new virtual sale coming up.... random stuff from our house, closet, etc.

4. Italia is officially potty trained.

5. I hired a new great sewing helper. She is awesome. Have you noticed how much more stuff we were able to bring this week. It takes time to teach new help... so its been very time consuming.... but worth it. There are three of us now and its awesome. I design every piece myself and have to give them written instructions for each one of a kind piece. It's a lot of work, they must be as crazy as I am for wanting this job.... but we have passion.... and its fun.  * I am currently designing 96 Pieces per week. That is crazy, remember when I was doing 20 per week?

6. The adoption process is going so slow,  *crickets* over here... we haven't heard a word so there is no news to report.

7. My assistant Taylor got a real job.... a job with friends of ours and while I am so happy for her, because it truly was the "right" thing... i miss her a lot. Taylor was such an amazing assistant and friend. I am contemplating hiring another helper, but there are some pretty big shoes to fill. In the meantime, Donnie has been helping me package up sold items... while he rocks out in the garage to pandora
He says its relaxing and fun....   ha-ha!

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  1. I think what you are doing is awesome! So cool that you love your job and that you are able to do what you love while surrounded by family. I am happy for you!
    -Kim bessent