A birthday that never ends.

More gifts came over the weekend from her Aunt Uncle and Cousin.
 " ooooooo" & " awwwwwww"are the noises that she makes as she loves opening her gifts.

In other news:
 I am on twitter now..  slowly tying all my social media together.  Follow me at "PPPlifestyle".
Going to get my instagram in gear as well, currently it's private....
I still have no idea how it works other than taking cool pics on my phone,  :) 
Do any of you use a platform for your social stuff ? Do share any simplifying tips!!!!
 A PPP Post happens today. Stay tuned.

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  1. I don't Twitter, because I don't get it, but Instagram is amazing, and you're right it is just for sharing pictures and seeing others' photos. Nothing more to it than that ;) I have a separate Instagram for my personal life and another for my business. The easiest way I find to work this out is to take pictures using the regular camera app and then importing the photos into each separate Instagram account so I don't get confused!