Zoo >>>

This weekend was fun.. The weather was amazing... so we were sure to get out and enjoy it.  With the cold weather and sickness going around these parts pretty heavily, we have opted to hunker down around home lately and not do many outside of the house/ kid activities... so the girls were pretty "ready" to get out.

Italia has been talking about wanting to see the " Ewww ewww- ahhh- ahhhhs " so we decided it would be a great Saturday for the zoo.   McCoy has been learning about Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores,,,, so the zoo was a perfect place to test our knowledge.

 I learned 4 new random things as well.
1. This little beaver/rat looking thing that I've seen at Landa Park is Called a Capybara.

2. Flamingos are pink from the shrimp and algae protein they eat. 
                              3. Hippos Sleep underwater
4. Electric eels are high-voltage, its not just a cool name.
One little Zap can stun and kill you. Scary.
Also scary.... this guy!  
 and these Piranhas!
McCoy was our tour guide, reading the map.... and being a good director.
Afterward, we were all pretty pooped....so we all took naps. I love when we all agree its nap time.
What a great day !

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