Rollercoaster starts now.

Yesterday.. the rollercoaster began.

I am literally recovering from it today, totally wiped out. Nerves were a wreck.
It began with a phone call, the first phone call..... yes, the first referral.
I was nervous.
I didn't feel equipped.
I wrote down all the info, asked a million questions and then hung up the phone to call my husband.

The profile, two boys. a sibling group.
I never had considered two boys, their ages, 3 years and 1 month old.
I can't go into detail why they were removed from their mother or say much more than that.
But it was scary, two boys? I never even had a brother.
But then I was excited! Oh wow... two boys!

I was told to hurry back with an answer as the young ones go fast.
I had no idea how fast.
By the time I called my husband..... and we talked and prayed about it.
I called back to find out they were already placed.

Needless to say, ouch.
This is the intro.
The roller coaster starts now.

I am starting to see that God is cultivating flexibility and more trust in him.
It's hard.

Yet.. i know and believe God has a plan, he has the right kid {s} for us.
He knows.... when I don't
I hope I can learn to let go everyday.
again, it's really hard for me... to not know.

I am vowing to enjoy each moment as they come.
Today the sun is out, I am juicing as many fresh veggies as I can get my hands on,
listening to records,
making crafts with the kids
and enjoying Friday.
Thanking God for who he is and his provisions.

And I have a post at 1pm Texas time.
See you then!

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