PPP-Staples & Surprise Posts!

I have a ton of PPP staples headed your way!
Things have been selling so fast I feel like I haven't been able to catch up with the demand.
{ not complaining... a very good problem to have..so please know I am so appreciative}
I am trying to remedy this by bringing some simple staples this week.
I have about 40 completed.

I am not going to announce the post time.... { there will be two total posts }
Both of them are going to be a surprise.
Once I do post, I will still load up the pics to facebook.
So stay tuned on fb, here or etsy.

I did this for the underdog...
you know who you are..... the many of you who always seem to miss that special item.
Maybe this random surprise post will be your chance at grabbing some stuff.

Also some tips from the Pros!
* be logged into etsy and paypal ahead of time... this allows you to check out fast!
Happy Staples!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, I'm so excited! I always miss out on my fave items...

    ALSO, where are those leggings from! They are SO aweeeesome!