Outright saves the day!

Hey Etsy friends,
<this one is for you.>

So this morning I have it on my calendar with highlighter ... to complete my sales tax form that is due Jan 22. Loathing this task , I tend to procrastinate. So... I am getting ready to do my sales tax/ profit/loss/ expense tracking etc for etsy....  { usually I do it all manually with a calculator } when I thought to myself... you know... someone should come up with a program on the computer that calculates this stuff for you.... I mean, they have an app/ program for just about everything these days.

So randomly...  I googled " help with sales tax tracking on etsy"... and BAM!  I found it. The actual page that showed up was this one on etsy... giving step by step directions on how all this works. { I should read these tutorials more often.. }

So of course I rushed immediately over to outright.com, and to my delight, it took me about 5 whole minutes to sync all of my etsy and paypal information into one nifty program... and did I mention its FREE? Outright.com just did my taxes for me, my profits, losses, returns, sales tax collected, paypal fees, etc. with a click of a few buttons.. I can get all dorky with it and check out graphs, charts, best customers, best sales by state, etc.  I am obsessed and in love....... !

So maybe I'm late in the game on this one...  and you already know about this genius program.... but for those of you who were about to break out your trusty calculators and get busy, now you don't have too. Hope this info helped someone out there!  I felt I owed outright this article of gratitude... for the time they just gave me back in my life.

Happy Tax Time!

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  1. I am so gonna check out that program. Thanks for letting me know about it.