Need your feedback

Hey PPP' Peeps.

If you are new to PPP, the above collages do not include all of our styles.
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After viewing all of our styles... now we need your feedback.
Which styles are your favorites? and what would you like to see more of? 

I have some projects in the wings and am deciding on where to invest my time and money.
Your feedback will be greatly considered as I make these decisions.

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We appreciate your comments and like to know we are not blogging to ourself.  :)

Thanks for your support.


  1. Shauna, this is most favorite item by far is the oxy!
    Here they are in order:
    1. OXY tops & dresses
    2. Mama apron dress
    3) strapless maxi
    4) strapless mini

    These are my top fave! I would also select ALL of your kids clothing but my kids are too big for them...teenagers!

    Hope that helps.



  2. Hi Shauna, #1 favorite, by far, is your bloomers! Followed by Shoot from the hip and the t-shirt dress(?) not sure if that was the right name. Love, Gail

  3. HI Shauna

    #1. Bell Sleeves
    #2. T shirts with rolled up flannels arms
    #3. Oxy's with and with out bells
    #4.Lil girls stuff!!!! <3

    love, Michelle S.

  4. #1 Bell Sleeves
    #2 Ruffle Tees
    #3 T- shirt dresses

    I do not feel comfy in the oxys... I need to be able to wear full undergarments :) Very cute little girls clothes as well wish there were more for 6-10 year olds.

  5. I already have spring/summer in mind...So for me on the first position...DRESSES! I especially like the ''old'' hybrid style short dress, but also oxy's, with or without bell sleeves.

  6. I love the bloomers and the coffee in the a.m. pants. People are ALWAYS asking me about those when I wear them.

  7. Hi Shauna! I always read your blogs! Here are my favorite PPP items:

    Upcycled t-shirts w/ sleeves (flannel, basic, etc)--the heart on your sleeve ones are very cute! :)

    Bell sleeve tees with longer sleeves (maybe 3/4 sleeve) and maybe a bit smaller bells

    T-shirt dresses--pockets are cute--both long sleeve and short (one for every season!)

    Swing tops with lace sleeves

    Tube mini dresses with cute pockets

    Baby doll dresses

    P.S. - I love the spring colors MINT and CORAL! :)

    Thanks for your wonderful creations!!

  8. Shauna I have to say this is tough…I like everything you make!
    But if I have to choose more of what I would like to see they would be as follows:

    Oxy dress
    Senorita tops/dresses
    t-shirt bell sleeves
    Hoodie bell sleeves
    I thought the smocks were adorable (I am just unsure of what to pair/wear them with)

    For spring I would love to see
    Baby doll dresses


  9. I love the ruffle t shirts! I love the mix of a masculine old Harley shirt with a girly twist. I like them most when you leave the original neckline, too.

  10. Hi Shauna!!
    My all time favorite is the Oxy. I like fun tshirt ones, long sleeve ones, and sweatshirt ones. And ones that are long enough to wear as dresses (like 26" long).

    That being said... they are almost all size small, which doesn't really fit my and leaves armpit/chest squish :( even if it is for "some mediums." It would help to know what size your model is so I would know that I wouldn't look like that in it :(

    For spring I would like tube dresses, tshirt dresses & mini dresses!

  11. I really LOVE the first photo!! The patchwork pony dress is just adorable !! :) And the oxy is really an awesome design!! <3

  12. Hi Shauna, my favorite in order as follows :

    1) T-shirt dress
    2) Ruffled t-shirt
    3) muscle tank
    4) oxy