I live here.

I often gripe here about how home sick I am... Having been born and raised in Southern California...  The Pacific Ocean is something that will always be lacking in my life as long as I live here in Texas.

Yet today, I am going to sing a different tune, while no river or lake could ever measure up to an ocean...{in my opinion} I need to say for the record. Texas is not all tumble weeds and flat land people. There is beauty here.... and I need to give credit when credit is due.

The hillcountry has stolen the hearts of many.

Photo Credit NB Scene.

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  1. Seriously, the years my husband and I lived in N.B. were so vibrant and just so awesome. Landa park is a real community gem. Like who has a park they can take their kids to that has a natural water pool and oh man, I was in the best shape of my life there! That trail at Landa park is killer for jogging. It's just so beautiful everywhere, there :) Except the months of June through August when all you see is people, people, and more people ;) The hill country has my heart captive, too :)