1. I will post tonight.... but the surprise will be the time. Stay glued so you don't miss out.
{ for those of you who don't like surprises.... I will be back to regular scheduled posts next week } 

   2. This cold weather had me feeling like an old hag.  My skin just dry and dull. I needed a little pick me up today. This red lipstick that my daughter picked out for me did the trick. Now she says I look like snow white but with blonde hair. { I'll take it }. A little hint of red goes a long way. What are your little " pick me up secrets " ? No-one under 30 can comment. Ha- ha!


  1. Oh lord, the magic of just simply takin a shower when you have three little ones under 6.... I need to expound on my "beauty" routine, maybe just a bit ;)

  2. HA HA! The above comment was actually from me. I often accidentally leave comments signed in under my husband. I wonder who's all thinkin "Why is this man all up in this lady stuf?!"

  3. I LOVE to put a dash of makeup up on & fix my hair...it just makes me feel alive, ready, and most of all with two children, my own business and a husband...AWAKE! lol

    and my daughter loves it when i spritz on some perfume...she is like "WOW! mom is getting fancy again!" ;)
    Michelle <3

  4. I know you said no one under 30... but I LOVE the VITAMIN C SKIN BOOST from The Body Shop... its a bit pricy ($26 for a tinny bottle) but you can often grab it when they have the 50% off sale or 3 for $30. It makes your skin feel AMAZING and it gives it a soft glow. Definitely the perfect thing for dry dull skin!! I don't wear any make-up, just face lotion and Vitamin C. If you do wear foundation it gives you the silkiest smoothes base for foundation.