Friday Night.

Here is what happened friday night. <3 in PPP land.

Since I am no longer doing customs, I would love to open these posts to your future PPP wish list suggestions. This could work by you commenting on these posts, letting me know what items you wish to see more of.... it could also be a sizing issue. Please keep in mind... that if I am unable to satisfy your request... it is only because I work with recycled thrift shop fabrics, so I can only seek out what is there to use.  Please do not think that I am ignoring your request.

I do want to honor your suggestions by at least attempting. I know that these items sell quickly on post night and many of you are left frustrated and bummed. 
That is the downside of one of a kind. :(    
TRUST ME.... I wished I could meet all demands with endless supply of PPP.
It's a great business problem to have, I realize { I am not complaining }.... but none the less... it is something I am constantly trying to solve for the future.

What item was your favorite of the bunch?
and what is your PPP- wish? 


  1. I love the shirt with pearl snaps and heart on sleeve. I would love some more like that!! Love it all!

  2. Post above from me... Southern Hearts lol

  3. I really like the top in the first pic (flannel sleeves with heart on the side). I was too slow for it last night! :( I would love to see more tops like that!

  4. Time to follow you again more frequently....(I've been so extremely busy with my own business that I didn't take any time for other things the past months....). I even missed that you don't do customs anymore :-(

    I love that your designs seem to be more luxury/classy...don't exactly know how to say...I like the fabrics you use lately better than usually.

    I especially love the oxy's with bell sleeves. Definately want one for the new SS season! I also agree with the comments above, love that one with the heart on the sleeve too!

    Is it also allowed to let you know another request...More variation in ''listing time''. 8 pm is for us European buyers in the middle of the night and I always miss your posts, which I regret.

  5. Best designs I've seen on here-love, love, love your work!

  6. My favorite is the flannel sleeves and I also like the short with the hoodie pocket for your hands.:) I would love to review a maternity piece from you. Up for the challenge?

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirts with the heart sleeves and the new "hippie" shirts with the ruffle bottom. would love to see more of them.
    also, maybe some week day postings as well as the night time ones. and posting one item at a time rather than a bunch all at once would be helpful. love PPP!

  8. LOVE the hearts on the sleeve! My faves of this bunch were the sweatshirt oxys, the Mexican peasant ruffle shirts, and the oxy dress! I always LOVE the Oxys... long sleeve, sweatshirt, plain fabric (on my wish list right now), fun logo ones! Oh yes, and ones long enough to wear as dresses too :) Oxys for every season!

  9. I agree this round was very classy the fabrics were
    Beautiful!!!! I loved the Mexican dress shirt and the other one that was Mexican inspired it was off white with red in it. :) you truly are so talented!!! I admire how you can match the colors and fabrics together to make a master piece;) I think everyone feels that way;) xo

  10. from your blog question...I want to see more t-shirt dresses, tanks with ruffle and blanket tubes:)
    I love my blanket cozy...can not get enough of it!