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I would tell you her story, but I think you would be much more satisfied reading it on her blog here.
and watch her video here:

My cousin turned me on to Bob Marshall, who turned me on to Gallbladder Pg.
Who turned me on to Coffee Enemas and their benefits.
which then lead me too, Jess Ainscough.

So thankful to stumble upon her page and become an avid follower.

There is so much more I could write many of you know I have been on my own journey towards better health. < see: my personal health blog here >
I am 80% better.... but want to take my health to the next level.
I love challenges.

 and maybe I will follow up on this blog with my journey.
I have adopted these juice cleanses and coffee enemas for one week now... and I feel a major difference. I was already in habit of making green drinks, so this was nothing new.
However... the coffee enema was an awkward first.
I am also no longer eating meat or sugar.
and only some dairy < organic plain yogurt is allowed >
Most of my meals are raw, 80% veggies and all organic.

As the cleanse goes on, I will be able to add back to my diet.
However, I feel so light and wonderful now, I am not sure I want to add back too fast.
I am really enjoying the way I am feeling.

And while I don't have cancer, I find this extremely powerful and inspiring as many of us if not all of us know someone who has or had cancer. They used to say that 1 out of 3 people will get cancer, now they are saying it is more like 1 out of 2. If we don't change the way we live... it's me or you.

Crazy to think about, the American diet is such crap... and yet it has so many of us in a choke hold.

If you are interested more in The Gerson Therapy... check out this inspiring interview with Charlotte Gerson herself, the daughter of Max Gerson.

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  1. You wouldn't be wasting your time if you Googled JuicePlus. I went to a Cancer/Nutrition seminar awhile back and the acronym used by doctors for our eating habits is S.A.D. for
    Standard American Diet..... Again, I am not a distibutor of Juice Plus but I know it is a fabulous product and they even have a child nutrition study that allows children to get the gummies free. :)