Satisfies the craving.

  I miss my little shop in Hermosa Beach... its hard to believe that was over 7 years ago.... but my life has changed in countless ways in that time... and I truly wouldn't change a thing. I threw around recently the possibility of opening up my own boutique again. But reality has it, with homeschooling and in efforts to keep some "margin "in my life... I have come to realize that the timing just isn't right.
{ for now, anyway }

However for those of you who have once ran your own boutique,  you know...its an itch... that just needs to be scratched. I've always wanted Poor Pitiful Pearl to be in other shops... not just online... but with my homeschooling schedule.. and just being on a schedule with a busy toddler and 6 year old... I don't get out much to rep my line... or have had the follow through to attend a trade show. In saying that, 2012, has brought many shop accounts my way, God sent- as I seemingly did nothing to attract them,  they have all contacted me with interest in carrying my line...sorta outta the blue. Thank you Jesus!

One of the many new accounts I have set up this year is a local boutique here in town called, Junkology.  From the moment, I open the door over there, my eyes are bouncing from wall to floor taking it all in..... its one giant piece of art. I am really proud to have PPP in such an inspiring place.

I have to thank Kat { the owner.} publically.... because she has creatively pushed me to get a bit fancier with PPP.... and I have been really enjoying it. All she needed to say was velvet and lace.... and I felt something burst inside of me....  { here are a few samples of the pieces she has in the shop }

Anyone who sews or makes anything handmade for that matter... knows that wholesaling is not a huge money maker. It benefits me much more to sell things retail.  With that being said, wholesaling is a sacrifice I am making now... to get PPP where I want to have it later.... and it makes it all worth it when I sell to shops that take pride in the way they merchandise and I'll admit it, I can vicariously live through the awesome-ness of their shop and it curbs my craving.

What many of you don't know... is that for every one yes, I say ten no's when it comes to wholesale accounts.... because I truly want PPP to "fit" ... Its more about partnering up with places that I feel share my vision in a way. I can truly say that this year, I have found those awesome shops that fit PPP so well.... and like I said above its really curbed my craving of having my own shop. I think God does these little things for me as a gift, he knows my hearts desire... but he also wants me to remains open enough in my life with enough down time to be a good Mom/ Wife.

 His plans always "win" over my own... Its a good reminder to trust him more in 2013 and surrender daily.

As many of you may have seen, my etsy shop is quite bare. I apologize. With Christmas and store orders.... things have been quite busy over here.... but of course I plan on coming back strong and filling it up rather quickly.  I have future plans for PPP that I don't talk about often.... because I don't want to get ahead of God..... but I am praying about them constantly... and they are really exciting. So stay glued and like us over on our facebook page for updates on new post dates.

Thanks for your support through out all these changes.....


  1. WAUW! I just see this post and I really love those Junkology dresses you've made. Sad I don't live there, otherwise I would go straight ahead to that shop. Hope you'll make some in this style for the Etsy shop too ;-)

    Wish you all the best for you, your family and business in 2013!

  2. Hi, Shauna :) I'm a former N.B. girl currently livin in Katy, TX. I cut through N.B. on 46 to see my granny out near Bulverde quite a bit and am dyin to go over to Junkology or Stingray to see your stuff. We were actually out that way when the grand opening of Stingray happened a couple weeks back and I so wanted to pop in. Hopin one day, it'll all line up :)
    I love your inspiring faith in our Maker and I love your very vocal love for Jesus. You give Him glory for everything goin on in your life, family and success and that makes you a true, shiny gem in this world so full of self-promotion. Thanks, Shauna

    Love from Katy,

  3. thanks so much guys for commenting! thanks for reading and staying in the PPP loop xo