Project 3rd Bedroom.

Although they say "Everything is bigger in Texas..." it is just not true when it comes to our sweet little house. While I would be lying if I said I didn't want a little bit more breathing room, I absolutely love our little house, especially my neighborhood.  

Because McCoy is 6 years old, CPS requires us to have a separate room for the child we foster/adopt. 
When we found this out, we put our house on the market for a whopping 4 days and ended up pulling it off.  Moving is a task { we should know} and we felt like moving would sidetrack/ pro-long the adoption process. 

Funny how when resources are taken away.... we are forced to put on our "creative caps" and begin to see all what we DO have... and how we can make things work. We have this useless hallway in our home that serves no real purpose that we can pretty easily turn into a small 3rd bedroom. Both Donnie and I grew up on the beaches in California.. so living in a small beach cottage is the norm....  we are accustomed to having cramped closet space and a shared bathroom. We decided that our small house is quite cozy and will work for now. They say if there is room in your heart, then there is room in your house. 

We need your help to make this happen!
here are some ways!

1. If you are handy and local... we need some tough dudes who help my husband and a group of guys... move the french doors and install a window in its place. Assist in putting up drywall and a door. Its a pretty simple remodel... but will take less time with the more help we have. Even if you have a few hours.... over a weekend.. we would really appreciate it. <we will nail a date down depending on everyones availability>

2. This project will obviously cost us some $$ to complete {we are thinking about $3,000 that we currently do not have }... so I am offering FREE SHIPPING today { USA only } and through the weekend on any PPP purchase. All items sold over the weekend will be funding this project. We would greatly appreciate your support.

Consider it guilt free shopping.... your new PPP item will help fund a place for our new sweet child to live and  be safe....  < please spread the word >

3. We will also hold a garage sale  ...where we will be accepting donated items to raise money for the room renovation.

4. Donnie will also be accepting any "weekend" electrical side jobs in the local area. So hollar if you need some light in your life.

Thanks for considering your part in this, We deeply appreciate it. It is difficult for us to ask for help... but we are confident that God will provide.

P.S. Do not forget to enter the code in on etsy as it will automatically discount your shipping costs.

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