Overflowing Brain Cup-

Good golly molly... We over here at the Hursh household have some real big decisions to make.. and my brain is kinda hurting... I think I seriously over-used my brain this week. Then... I realized... { duh } if I'm thinking that hard... I'm not trusting God enough. His burden is light, right?

Anyway.. I have an overflowing brain cup right now... lots to pray, think about. I'm feeling a bit scattered..... and I don't function well unless I slow down and pray. Daily Doses will be on hold for a bit till I get my balance back. We are aiming for a PPP post Thursday.

-   Taylor is here today mailing out packages so get yer' orders in today-


  1. Hi Shauna,
    I am new to your shop and have finally ordered my first piece yesterday, completely excited to receive it! I am inspired by your story (we ALL have a story, and I love listening to everyone's<3) and adore your creativity and vision. I have always loved unique style, personal style and your creations are a breath of fresh air! Wishing you the best and peace in your decisions. xx cindy

  2. thanks so much CIndy :) welcome to the PPP club :) lol Hugs!