PPP- Laura Style!!!

We asked Laura a few questions about her awesome style...

 1. What is your favorite personal PPP item you own?
SUCH a hard decision but id have to say my Eagle Oxy. Super worn out t-shirt and
the style is something i really dig. "Obsession" if you will. I found the shirt at Goodwill
and Shauna oxy'ed it up for me immediately..perfection!

2. What are you favorite accessories?
Bobby pins, old bandanas, chunky rings and Robin Morratti jewelry!

3. How do you style your hair?
I try not to wash it too much. My hair is at its best about 2-3 days after washing.
It has a really coarse texture and is pretty wavy so I usually tame it with Aveda products
and curl it with a curl stick or flat iron. I love Aveda Phomolient and Smooth Infusion. 
I usually just wear it down, but if its super messy I'll throw it in fishtail braids or put half of
it up with bobby pins. Someone asked me the other day if I was intentionally trying to
dread my hair...oops!! No, I just like it really messy and dirty. ;-)

4. How do you do your makeup?
Oh gosh, Im so not a makeup girl. I dont even know my brands. I do love Aveeno tinted
moisturizer as a base. And illuminator helps brighten my skin.  And I use MyChelle Organic 
moisturizer before bed and in the morning. Besides that i prefer natural eye shadows...bronze
 or champagne, brown eyeliner and black mascara. Thats about it. 
Burts bees lip balm for good measure!

5. Whats your next PPP item on your wish list?
A bell sleeve oxy or a flannel tube {preferably red/black lumber jack plaid!!}
Done have either one yet!

Thanks Laura, 
your style is super gorgeous + awesome!

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  1. Omg! Lola u r my fab model with ur dirty hippie style