Back to "Home-School"

I'm super geeky about all of this... I am so excited to get back to schooling. McCoy loves it and its such a special time for us. I wanted a really cool homeschooling nook that would hide away all of our books and supplies in one organized place....  but the budget wasn't allowing for a new piece of expensive furniture. I ended up just pushing a bunch of functional pieces I already had together  and letting the chaos be out in the open. Yes, my dining room looks like a kindergarten class... but it is too much fun to care.  Here it is.

Speaking of school.... I  bought some random pieces of curriculum from Abeka before committing to an entire set. I spent the summer browsing through the books and I fell in love with the style and color of Abeka. I decided to go ahead and order the entire 1st grade curriculum. In doing that... there are certain books I have extras of now.... so they are up for sale:

All of these books are for 1st Grade Level
{shipping is free in the USA}

Primary Bible reader. asking $6{lightly used read more about it here
The Bridge Book: asking $6{lightly usedread more about it here
Fun with Pets: asking $5{drawn in, but still good condition} read about it here
Kind and Brave: asking $6 {lightly used} read about it here
Health Safety & Manners: asking $7 {brand new} read about it here
Arithmetic Set {brand new} includes all of this for $50
Arithmetic 1 work text : read about it here
Test and Speed Drills: read about it here
Test and speed drills: teacher key:read about it here
Arithmetic 1 : curriculum and lesson plans :read about it here

If you would like any of these books above... comment below with your email address so I can paypal you an invoice. please don't forget your email....I will post these on amazon come Sept 1. but thought id reach out to you all first.

Happy Back to School !!!!


  1. We love the aBeka math! Your homeschool nook looks fabulous! I am so glad we are not the only ones with ten pounds of crayons. ;-)

  2. We used abeka waaaay back in my day 20 years ago! Great curric. my bit of advice (as one coming from being home schooled) stick with one curriculum- especially abeka builds on one year after another - as far as concepts go. Doing this will ensure you don't miss foundational building blocks. ;-)

  3. We used Abeka early on and loved it. We use Teaching Textbooks now that my boys are older and I don't understand what the heck they're learning in math!
    Your home schooling nook looks awesome! Best of luck for much success this year, girl!

  4. How bizarre that homeschooling in the U.S. is such a normal thing. Here in the Netherlands it's not allowed by law and from the age of 5 children have to visit a school. I'm a teacher myself (elementary school - up to the age of 12 / 13 here in Holland) and it's hard to imagine someone working, take care of the family ánd homeschooling...So a lot of respect to you, however I think it's very meaningfull to do this together with your young girls. You have the gift to observe very closely how they develop, that must be amazing!

  5. So excited to see (STYLE CONSCIOUS)Christian homeschoolers! I was homeschooled my whole life (graduated 10 years ago, yipes!), and I cannot wait to homeschool my own children someday, and do it in style as you and quite a few others I've found, are doing! Great job!