Around Here.....

A huge break through!!!!.....  Italia is typically such a ball of energy it has been so difficult to get a decent picture of her.  But as of late... she is showing her awesome personality to the camera.

 Donnie sewed some patches on his work jeans and was HOOKED.
He said he loves sewing... and wants to start learning some more.
Am I dreaming? < hottest.thing.ever. >
Instead of shopping for the kids for Fall clothes... I am revamping a bunch of boring items I found at the thrift shop. McCoy has been helping me lay everything out.. she is so creative. 
& we played....

We have a ton of family projects in the works.... and its going to get crazy.
We will be getting ready to turn our useless hallway into a 3rd bedroom to make more space for our new family member. eeek! So weird... to even write that. Makes it so real.

and of course.... lots of PPP- Fall designs in the works.....

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