Around Here-

I think taking a vacation has made me realize...." Too much work makes Jack a dull boy"
My house has been a tad bit messier, the laundry two piles stacked.
and.. we are a lot more  "broke".
Vacations are not good for the wallet.
but we have been having a lot more fun.... and making memories. 


Also a big congrats to McCoy. She tested out for swim team and is in the pre-marlins.
Her class swims three times a week.... so its a huge commitment and has really given her a confidence boost....Donnie & I are loving watching from the sidelines.  She is rocking the cap & googles!

Today.. I am having lunch with my mom.
Ordering the rest of our home school curriculum
and designing some new PPP- Jeanshorts & Smock tops.
Taylor will be here tomorrow to mail out everything that sold this week.
Stay tuned for a PPP post... mid week. <3

Hope you are having a fun week---


  1. Thanks for sharing once again..Your girls are getting so big!! Can't wait to see some new PPP!! Have a great day with your SWEET MOM!

  2. How fun! I hadn't noticed you had a blog until just now. I can TOTALLY relate about the vacation making us a lot more broke!! It was totally worth it though to take the babe to the sea for the first time. (And a break on the wallet to let him go naked at the beach....daipers are so expensive here!)

    Fantastic news about the Marlins...I loved swiming, and then JG's! Such a fun activity! Get a good shampoo for her hair- and just for fun.....when she gets home and is dry....tell her to lick her arm- and smell it :)

  3. thanks you guys! Hey Lauren- what kind of shampoo?