Around Here- Things that bring joy

Let me just scream with excitement about my new pillow from my friend Shellie at Pillow Happy.
This picture does is no justice either.. it has purple pom pom trim and a lovely blue corduroy back.
I am so smitten with it. 

 Another Happy purchase of mine... this awesome succulent shell... from ReveLATION decor.
and this amazing new pillow from { yep you guessed it } Pillow Happy.
I love this place in my house. I sit here often and read my bible.. with the light coming through the windows.. just beaming in on me..
Do you have a favorite spot in your house?
 Love this little pallet bed.. that mcCoy has now taken over.
and oh my gosh.. McCoys back to { home } school converse came in the mail today!!!
i decided we are going to make it a family tradition that every year we design a new pair of shoes.
the kids { hopefully us big kids too } get to design our own new pair of shoes.
I love all the colors and prints McCoy picked out!
 &&& Lots of fun times----
eating lunch with my mom @ Cravings after our awesome swim class.
We look a mess... but we sure love our swim class.

We have been outside ALOT this week... I love how we are a cable-free/ video game free home..... my kids are enjoying the hose- their bikes and diggin in the dirt with their shovels.

and lastly... I have had this print for months now... and I finally found a frame for it. It is meaningful to me since I'm raising two girls. I always want them to know how beautiful they are to me, and to God. I never want them to doubt their inner or outer beauty as most of us women can.  The media can do a number on us, cant it?  
So hey----- Hope you know you are beautiful inside and out too--- did you know there is no-one like you? God made you unique... and beautiful in your very own way. You were fearfully and wonderfully made.

Hope you are finding joy in the small things... and having a great week.

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  1. This post breathes mindfullness. As though it should be normal, kids enjoying and exploring everything they can do outside, in the nature, doesn't seem to be so normal these days. I work as a teacher in education (primary school teacher) for over 10 years now and I see a growing number of career-parents, with kids that sit in front of the tv or computer hour after hour. It shouldn't be that way.
    Love your lifestyle!