First Lost Tooth + Changes

McCoy at age 6. July 11. 2012{Must be written in the records}... lost her very first tooth. We are proud. She was brave as it hung there begging to be pulled and even let Daddy pull it out without a tear. We treated her to Baskin Robbins... or as she calls it "robins basket".

It's crazy seeing your baby turn 6 and lose a tooth. Up until I had children, I felt like time moved pretty slowly, but now as I watch my kids grow, everything seems to be on fast forward. It leaves me feeling rather confused.... because as much as I enjoy the reward of watching my girls grow up, knowing that they leave behind the baby stage forever.. is hard. Overall though, I am loving age 6 the best yet, the talks we have, the laughs, her personality unfolding right before my eyes... its a beautiful thing. She is such a cool little person.

Speaking of life moving fast.... we have many changes in the wings... I feel like we are entering into a new season of life.. with adoption, my business and chasing dreams that have been put on hold. It's exciting that this season is around the corner--- it will be a busy one... but I have a really good feeling about it.

Tomorrow... we will be posting at 7pm Texas time--- you don't want to miss it.. because on Friday... we will close down our shop for two weeks while we go back home to California. >>>>


  1. aw! i just love that you took the time to document this sweet, newly toothless (er, one-tooth-down) moment : ) it's tender!

  2. I just now found your blog via some other blog, when I’ve visited your website countless times!

  3. Nice model she is.a new season of life.