17 things I want to do while I'm home.

The Nostalgia of going back home has really set in..

 I have my top 17 list :

1. Get a coffee @ Coffee Bean

2. Do yoga @ Harmony

3. Rollerskate on strand

4. Surf....

5. Wear ugg boots with jean shorts and other unpractical outfits.

6. Wear layers...

7. Sit on the avenues... and watch the ocean.

8. Take kids to Disneyland

9. Take a picture in front of our old house

10. Go to church on the beach

11. Shop Trader Joe's

12. Go to the fashion district

13. See special friends

14. See our family

15. Play on the beach with my family

16. Eat at El Gringo

17. Eat at Green Temple

Please Note: The Shop will be closed till July 25th. 


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  2. Just found your blog! I love it. I think we might both live in LA? Cute skates.

  3. Enjoy your time ''back home'' - you deserve it after your hard work! XO

  4. fun! imma new follower :) your blog is adorable!