What we wore: to whole foods.

 Yes.. you heard me.. this is an outfit post... on what we wore to whole foods. 
It's friday night.. and thats how we party! 

What we wore:

Me: PPP Upcycled Tank { I have one similar style being posted this week }
PPP Bloomers
Red Toms
Hair: going back blonde-

Donnie:  Thrifted "Don't get Caulky shirt" 
Dickies { he has had them for probably 10 Yrs and is proud of it }
Thrifted golf cap
Hair:  pondering just buzzin it.

McCoy: Fringey Shirt Made by Taylor Sue for you.
Layered over floral tank
Gap stretch pants
Cowboy boots
Hair: growing her bangs out.

Italia: NB Shirt Made by Firedaughter Clothing
PPP Bloomers
Leopard socks, Target shoes
Hair: Ponytail by Dad.

Have an amazing weekend- :) 


  1. Super duper cool ya all! I love your tank/top style with tiny sleeves...So cute. Excited to see the one you are goin' to post.

    More ??;-)


  2. very cute! and btw- that pic of mccoy solo, she looks about 9!!!! whoa- kids grow up way too fast!!!

  3. Love the pics and outfits. You have a beautiful family!

  4. these pictures are absolutely adorable! in love!
    xo TJ