What I wore + Stepping out of fear

Last night we had our first adoption meeting. What an amazing night.
There are so many emotions swirling around inside of me.
I just cant find the right words to even express them eloquently.

I do know one thing.
It's a scary/exciting feeling to overcome these fears and cross over willingly into a place of unknown.
Exciting because I know God is in control and scary because that means
I am not. { not that we really ever are.. but isnt it funny how we cling to that? }

I've had many sleepless nights... thinking about the children who go to bed without parents every night.
Nights when I tried to ignore these thoughts
hoping they would go away.
I would try  to redirect my thoughts to unimportant things like decorating potted plants on my porch.
Desperate for sleep I tried to shut off my mind in some simple way.
Yet.. soon to find my mind go right back to the vision of neglected babies lined up in cribs who have been laying in a crib for months without being touched.

I wanted the broken parts of what I felt to just go away.
The need so big...and I so small.
The visions depressed me.
I wanted to ignore it.

I feel so overwhelmed at times.
Yet so thankful that God is faithful.

So here we are.
Now we get to see what God does.
Thats the best part.
I can exhale and trust that he will use us in mighty ways...
but not because we are mighty
but because he strengthens us.

What I wore: Layers & All kinds of comfy.

PPP Bell Sleeve: I love this particular bell sleeve because its slouchy and made of thin knit.
P3= PPP  screened alternative tanktop
Abercrombie Jeggings
Aldo Corduroy Boots

New PPP Coming today at noon. tex time.


  1. I am happy your meeting went well! God is on your side!! And loving your outfit for sure!!!


  2. I can relate the feelings you have of there being so much sadness out there, so many that need help, and the overwhelming anxiety, asking yourself, "I am but one person, what can I do to make a difference?" At times, I want to help them all, which is impossible. But if I remind myself, I can change one life for the better, and for that little being, that is all that matters. Thank you for sharing :)