Pill Popper!

 Looks awful, right? These are mainly vitamins and bio-identical natural hormones... but STILL.  There is nothing like a pill box to make you feel old.... and even older when you think its pretty nifty to have all your vitamins in one place so you don't have to open up a ton of bottles each day. Is it bad that I appreciate this little pill box ?  Is it weird that I get excited that it snaps out of the case... so I can throw it in my purse ? Anyways......

To get caught up on my health journey you can read here & here.

Right now I am on the Hotze optimal eating plan.. which is pretty much brutal. I'm pretty food disciplined... so when I say its hard, trust me... its haaaaard!  Its basically a  "candida die off" diet.
And whats funny is I always assumed that since I have never had a yeast infection or fungus on my nails or feet that yeast was not a part of my life. However... At Hotze... they discovered almost all of my symptoms are candida -related.... or candida -caused.

My diet in short.. is protein and veggies { nothing with sugar in it}Nothing that breaks down into sugar.... meaning no carbs... no starches, no salad dressings.. not even fruit. Feeling sorry for me yet?  At least, I can still drink a cup of coffee, right?

Well I am pretty far along into the diet now... so I've been able to add back some fruit, brown rice, sweet potato and alcohol. Hallelujah!...The reason why this diet has been so hard for me, is I am not a big meat eater-  and I feel like I am forced to eat meat on this diet for energy since I have no carbs. Thankfully this diet is for a short duration { 3 months }  This diet.. starves off candida... but isn't aggressive enough to kill it in the gut... so I also take Nystatin... along with a pro biotic.... and then after my Nystatin rambos out the yeast in my gut.. I will then take Diflucan to kill the yeast systemically. It's a process.

Curious if Candida might be your problem? 
here are symptoms that might indicate you have a candida issue

Inability to focus, Poor memory, Brain fog, Irritability, Anger, Dizziness, Depression, Crying spells, Panic attacks, Low libido, Persistent extreme fatigue, Hyperactivity, Cravings for sweets and alcohol, Insomnia, Poor coordination.


Acid reflux, Bloating, Flatulence, Nausea, Diarrhea, Constipation, Stomach cramps, Indigestion, Burping after meals, Mucus in stool, Hemorrhoids, Itching anus.


Acne, Cysts, Hives, Night sweats, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Fungal infections of the nails & skin, Athlete's foot, Body odor.


Thrush (white coating on tongue), Swollen lower lip, Halitosis, Metallic taste in mouth, Bad breath, Canker sores, Bleeding gums, Cracked tongue.


Persistent cough, Mucus in throat, Sore throat, Sinus congestion, Chronic post-nasal drip, Flu-like symptoms, Hay fever symptoms, Sinusitis, Asthma.


Eye pain, Itchy eyes, Sensitivity to light, Blurred vision, Bags under eyes, Ringing in the ears, Ear infections.


Recurring yeast infections, Recurring UTI’s (urinary tract infections), Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), PMS & menstrual irregularities, Fungal rash.


Frequent colds and flu, Allergies, Sensitivities to food, fragrances and chemicals.


Inability to lose weight, Water retention, Weight loss.


Headaches, Heart palpitations, Chronic body pain and/or joint pains, Muscle aches and stiffness.

You can read about Candida here... { infact google up Candida diet... and you will find more info than you could ever want }

So how did I get candida? --- We assume... antibiotics...  I had only been on ONE course of antibiotics my whole life.. until I had babies. They administered three bags of penicillin to me while giving birth in the hospital...as a precaution against Group B strep.  Shortly after having Italia.. my immune system started to plummet. I then got strep throat and was put on yes another course of antibiotics... which then lead to a mean rash.. which they assumed was Scarlett fever.... so I was put on yes another round of antibiotics...

I'm not sure if you are keeping count... but that is 5 rounds of antibiotics.. in one year. Not to mention my system has been pretty pure up until that point... so it rocked my world a bit harder. I had a gut feeling that the antibiotics had something to do with it... but just couldn't put my finger on it.. since my symptoms have been so mysterious.

My initial symptom two years ago after Italia was born.. was indigestion, that went hand in hand with anxiety.. I felt like I couldn't breathe,, like my chest was tight and then I would burp which would provide a moments relief... and then it would continue again. This was one of the biggest indicators of yeast overgrowth... as indigestion is very common with candida. Gut health is so important Im learning.

Over the last two years.. the symptoms have started to pile up, joint pain, night sweats, heart palpitations, headaches, neck pain, muscle pain, fatigue, mood swings, hard time falling asleep, and you name it. I've always had light periods... ranging from 3-4 days... but more recently... before going to Hotze, I had only a one day super light period. That was when my husband and I knew.... hormones were definitely a piece to this puzzle. I am much too young to be going through menopause.... as so we knew we had to figure this whole thing out asap.

At Hotze they believe in treating the cause... and not masking symptoms with anti-anxiety and depression meds... which is commonly given to women after they have babies and discover they are strangely anxious or a bit down. They also say that nearly 50% of women after having a baby have a hormone imbalance.

At Hotze.... they noticed that not only was I super low in testosterone.. {like 0.1}  I was also low in progesterone and my adrenal glands were fatigued. They also discovered my thyroid was functioning sluggishly... even though the blood reports that my TSH was fine.. You can read here about why hypothyroidism is so often mis-diagnosed.

There is a big buzz going on right now with bio identical hormones... and from what I have researched "dosages" are everything. You just cant just guess at it. Too much of this.. or too little of that can wreak havoc in our bodies causing anything from cancer to osteoporosis. Hormone balance is so important. You may be familiar with Suzanne Somers...  who is a pioneer for bio identical hormones... she even wrote a chapter in her book about Dr Hotze. Her blog is super interesting.

So in conclusion: my energy is coming back, my joint pain, anxiety and mood swings are all gone. I had my first normal period this last month in a long time { it was awful... but I appreciated it } Yet.. I still have the nagging neck pain...and some muscle aches here and there.They did say at Hotze.. that the dosages they would start me off on are very small.. so not to expect full results for 3-4 months. Which depressed me a little... but then in the big scheme of things,,,, is not a very long time.. since I have been enduring this for over two years.  

I do have to be realistic however.. I have a computer/sewing job... so part of my neck pain could be related to the jacked up position my neck is in most of the day. I'm trying to be do trigger points, stretch and be more mindful of my posture.

I will keep you guys in the loop... its a lot to write down and recap... and there is really no other reason to declare my health woes all over the Internet... unless I think that maybe if this does work... it will help some of you searching for answers to your mysterious health problems. If anything... its been two years of extensive education.... and maybe God is wanting me to share so that some of you can also uncover whats ailing you.

Overall... I am feeling fantastic- full of energy and optimistic!
More as it unfolds.....
Blessings & Health-, Shauna


  1. I too have struggled with many of these symptoms for quite some time, and have had a feeling it may be due to yeast. However I am nursing my daughter currently and not sure that there is much I can do right now to cleanse. Thank you for sharing all this info! It has pretty much confirmed in me my suspicions. Can't wait until I can get back to doing regular cleansing, etc! Best wishes on your road to excellent health... and keep us all up to date!

  2. Wow Shauna !

    How has your transition been on your diet? Have you lost weight/gained weight?

  3. Wow Shauna !

    How has your transition been on your diet? Have you lost weight/gained weight?