Around Here.

McCoy went to the dentist... and her first loose tooth is still hanging in there.
She wiggles it daily..... and cant wait to till it falls out.

 How about a game of connect 4?

 We did some re-arranging of the house to check out the space for the adoption possibility.
We live in a two bedroom house but we do have some flex spaces that could be possibly made into a third small bedroom. We just really love our home and our street and are hoping we can make it work. We moved the pallet bed into the girls room and we are trying to slowly get Italia out of her crib. 
 So Proud... she slept last night on the bottom bunk the whole night through. She was out. It was super easy. Nap time during the day was much harder however.... slowly but surely.

 Would love to make something like this for the top bunk.
If you know McCoy... then you know she is a bookworm....

 We have hundreds of books in our house..but she has outgrown them. She is clearly ready for chapter books.... and so today my mom and I ordered her a few more. This one and this one. I also got her some Amelia Bedelias... they are beginner readers...  and even though they are on the simple side...  they are so cute and I loved them as a child.
and as you all probably know by now.. Chauncho has stole my heart. 
More Daily Doses..... coming atcha tomorrow. xo.

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  1. I love that little McCoy loves to read! Ordering her the "Little House on the Prairie" series is so perfect! I loved those as a kid!