After Party!!

Thanks for partyin!!

What was your favorite this week??
Anything you wanna see more of??

Here's some accessories love...

New goodies coming soon :)


  1. Okay, you know what I want!! LOL! I want an Oxy -- I guess a generic kind of style with no added sleeving on it (ruffle at the bottom is good though!) in a Large or XL. I know you don't get that size very often and by the time I see one, it's either gone OR it's something/style I wouldn't wear so I wait for another one. I also like the Oxy in -- well, I guess they were previously mens dress shirts? The ones that snap up the front that you've Oxy-ed. Ugh, I'm babbling. So... if you come across something in a L/XL please keep me in mind!

    I've actually forgotten -- if I mailed you a shirt I already have that I know fits both my boobs as well as my waist, what would the charge be? I'm thinking that may be the way we have to go to get me desperate paws on one. Let me know!

    One day, I will no longer be a PPP virgin.

  2. I have different accounts and I'm not sure which one blogger has me signed in on -- this is still Brenda Bobo Sanders from FB (although sometimes it comes up as Brenda Bradshaw OR comes up as Sanders In Stitches -- all still me) Just wanted to clarify! Thanks, Shauna. You rock.

  3. Hey girl, just wanted to say I love the idea of the oxys with looser sleeves. I didn't grab one today, but it is def. a selling point! Otherwise, awesome as usual :)

  4. Like the idea of the top with oxy kinda bell sleeves. You did wear one like this in one of your previous posts with pic's from yourself. Loved it.

    I personally love very detailed stuff. For example your Baby Doll Dresses from the past, also your patchwork stuff (however me + patchwork is no match...sorry)
    Mixed fabrics & funny details in dresses is a definately yes!

  5. Those peek a boo shoulders on the oxy/tank top are so cute...this week size large with the flowy tummy area....ahhhh to die for! I need to get my butt into gear and send you that tie dye shirt I want tubed and ruffled. My husband says I need to try myself...but I don't want to ruin a good shirt...HA HA...and I like to actually wash my clothes...when I sew it tends to fall apart pretty quick...;) Very nice post Mama!!!

  6. Oh, and eh...may be an idea...I had one of my custom hybrid dresses from last year made in to a short top lately and it's adorable cute wearing with shorts or jeans.

    I like the hybrid style, as you can wear it with or without the neck-strap. The top style with the hybrid strap is just so COOL!

  7. love the first 2 looks!:)

  8. The 2nd one, the 6th one and the 13th one. I love the tie dye, and I like the more girlie shirts and fabric!!!