What we wore... McCoy & Italia.

Its hard enough to get pictures of both my girls looking at the camera { mainly Italia}

 Add some Middle schoolers jogging by....... 

 Photo Shoot over.  :) 
 What we wore:

McCoy: PPP upcycled top {a 4t shirt she outgrew}
Target Leggings
Minnetonka Mocs

Italia: Violet Bella Teddy Bear shirt that she outgrew.... so added PPP bells and ruffle to it.
PPP upcycled stretch Capris
flip flops

And Both girls are bow lovers now-  Im learning to like em too.
If you want to stretch your kids outgrown clothing.... lets talk!
We have an awesome Moms Special in the shop... check it out bargain Mamas!

Hoping the rain subsides today so we can be on schedule for a photo shoot today.
Ill keep you all posted xo.

Two new Daily Doses today----here & here

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